Our Mission

Bringing a new generation Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries to the European market and reduce the carbon footprint.

There is sufficient energy in the world for anyone for ever. Batteries are the key to make that happen!


Bluebridge Energy Services is a Belgian based company introducing a new generation of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB) in Europe. The new VRFB’s have a significant better performance than the current available VRFB’s. We supply batteries starting from 40 kWh to multi MWh systems.

Why choose Bluebridge Energy Services?

  • After 4 years of market research and development, we are now presenting the best VRFB technologies available in the world. The full program of VRFB has been introduced under the name FlowMaster.
  • Bluebridge Energy Services belongs to the Bluebridge Services Group. The Bluebridge Group delivers what they promise. The values of our company culture are straightforward, honest and professional.
  • We have experienced management and a great servicing team within an existing infrastructure which enables us to grow rapidly.
  • The VRFB’s of FlowMaster are commercially available in several modules and can be supplied in large volumes. We provide batteries from 40kWh to multi MWh systems.
  • We have a state-of-the-art technology and are constantly looking for further improvements. The market is growing fast and so are we.
  • We have the lowest VRFB Capex and TCO available.

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Our motivation

There is sufficient energy in the world for anyone for ever. Batteries are the key to make that happen! Wind and solar power are very clean energy sources. The only missing link in timing between supply and demand is solved by storing the generated electricity. The global battery market is therefore exponentially increasing.

We will be a leading energy storage supplier in Europe within 5 years.

Target audience

There are many markets waiting for the introduction of a new generation VRFB’s. Think about solar and windmill parks, hydropower and fossil plants where VRFB’s will increase the power efficiency. Or what about grid energy storage where batteries provide load levelling and peak shaving functionality.

The next markets we will approach are in marine industry and the replacement of diesel generators in all kind of applications. These mobile applications will become feasible due to a strong increase in energy density of recently developed electrolytes.

Characteristics of Vanadium Redow Flow Technology

  • Lowest TCO
  • Sustainable (100% cradle to cradle)
  • Proven technology for stationary solutions
  • New technology for mobile applications
  • Largest battery in the world is built with VRFB (800MWh, Dalian China) and even larger ones will be installed in Saudi Arabia.

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